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Q. What is TxtJet?

A. TxtJet sends your personal email to your phone via txt message. The only requirements to use txtjet are an email account and a phone that has txt messaging capabilities. Once signed up, you will begin receiving your email by text message on your phone. To respond to your new txt message emails, simply respond via text and they will be sent automatically as emails. Due to txt messages only allowing 160 characters/letters per message, your email will be broken up into segments and sent in a format such as "Message 2/5". Soon we will be implementing MMS abilities that will allow for up to 1500 characters in one text message. Once signed up, we highly recommend using our filters to limit the amount of txts you receive as well as who you receive txts from and from what times.

Q. Why is my Yahoo Email account not working?

A. TxtJet only works with Yahoo PLUS which is a new upgrade to the standard free Yahoo service. Yahoo requires it's users to pay this $2 monthly service fee to use any email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. Because TxtJet essentially works the same way as Outlook, our service does not work with their new requirements. We would post the link to yahoo plus, however we do not support these awkward changes to their system.

Q. I can't sign in, I have reset my password and everything?

A. This is usually a simple fix. Chances are, you are trying to login using the sign up form on the homepage. To login as an existing user click the login button in the top right corner, or Click Here.

Q. "Oops, we had troubles connecting to your email account..", What does this mean?

A. Not to worry, this simply means we need a little more information about your email provider before things work correctly. Specifically, we need you to click the "advanced" button below your email and password and fill this information in with the advanced settings from your email provider. We know this sounds complicated, but if you have ever set up Microsoft Outlook, the process is the same. We fill in these advanced details for you with many of the larger email providers such as Gmail, Aol, and Hotmail. In time we will be adding these automated settings for all emails to avoid having to do so manually. Please see the "What are advanced settings and where do I find them?" directly below for additional information on finding this information.

Q. What are advanced settings and where do I find them?

A. Advanced settings refer to manually setting your Incoming Mail Server, Username, Port, Pop or Imap, as well as security type. This is the same exact information that is needed to set up your email account on Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, as examples. If you are in need of finding your POP advanced settings, simply google your email provider name followed by pop settings, eg."Roadrunner POP Settings". If you cannot find this information on google, simply call up your provider or send them an email, this is an extremely common question. In the event that your service provider does not specify, your port number should normally be set to 995 if using POP. Here is a quick list of POP settings for some of the most common providers, List Here

Q. How Secure is TxtJet?

A.We use 256 bit encryption and a uniquely generated key for all sensitive data, as well as SSL/TLS for all transmission unless disabled by the end-user. TxtJet needs your email password since it works in a similar manner as an email client such as, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail etc. TxtJet needs to be able to verify to your email provider that "you" are allowing "us" to retrieve your messages on your behalf. We feel that TxtJet in fact provides a more secure environment than a traditional desktop client, since most store and transmit data in plain text.

Q. I have not received a Confirmation Code yet?

A.Most of the time this is due to your number being input incorrectly. Please try a combination of your number with and without city/state/country codes until you receive your confirmation. If you still do not receive a code after troubleshooting, please contact customer support. On occassion some of our providers may change their settings which might require maintenance on our end.

Q. Why do I need to enter my password

A. We need your password in order to connect to your email server to retrieve messages. Our encrypted process ensures that your information is secure during this process.

Q. Can I use multiple email accounts?

A. Absolutely, add as many as you like. Remember, the more emails you register the more you should take advantage of the filtering system.

Q. How do I keep from getting spam on my phone?

A. By using the "additional settings" on the main user page, you can set filters based on who you would like to receive email from.

Q. How do I remove my account?

A. We will never hold You, or Your phone hostage! We are here to Help You! To delete your account login and navigate to "Additional Settings", here you will find an option labeled "Delete Account"

Q. Can I get attachments on phone, like pictures, documents, or videos?

A. Currently we do not support attachments. All email will be sent as plain text to your phone. We are tediously working on attachment possibilites and will keep the community informed on our development.

Q. Can I respond to the emails i receive on my phone?

A. Yes you certainly can. Simply reply to the txt message as if you were sending a normal email.

Q. I dont get it, why is your service free?

A. Our service is free, because it should be. As our application grows in users and bandwidth costs increase, we reserve the right to advertise to cover our costs.

Q. Why do I get my new emails several minutes after they have been sent?

A. Our servers check for your new emails every 1 minute. This may represent a several minute lag-time between emails being sent, and received by your phone.

Q. What if I don't want to use my password?

A. We hope to offer an alternative to this issue in the coming months. However in the meantime it must be understood that txtjet works simply as an email client, so it would be just as standard as setting up any email client in Windows. Please see "Security" for more detailed information.

Q. How do I know txtjet is safe?

A. We have taken every measure possible to ensure your data is safe. Every page of txtjet.com has been secured by an SSL certificate authorized and controlled by GoDaddy.com

Q. If i delete a message on my phone will it delete it from my inbox on my computer, or stored on gmail?

A. No, deleting email txts that have been sent to your phone will not alter your inbox, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. We simply send a copy of your new emails to your phone, therefore the original version is always stored in your normal inbox.

Q. What countries do we support?

A.Currently TxtJet supports the following major countries and providers. If your country and provider is not on our list, please contact us and we will add you as soon as possible.

United States
  • Alltel
  • Ameritech
  • ATT Wireless
  • Bellsouth
  • Boost
  • CellularOne
  • CellularOne MMS
  • Cingular
  • Edge Wireless
  • Sprint PCS
  • T-Mobile
  • Metro PCS
  • Nextel
  • O2
  • Orange
  • Qwest
  • Rogers Wireless
  • Telus Mobility
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon
  • Virgin Mobile

  • T-Mobile/Optus Zoo

  • T-Mobile
  • Canada
  • Aliant
  • Bell Mobility
  • Fido
  • MTS Mobility
  • Rogers Wireless
  • Sasktel Mobility
  • Telus
  • Virgin Mobile
  • President`s Choice

  • Vodafone
  • O2
  • E-Plus
  • T-Mobile

  • OgVodafone
  • Siminn

  • Andhra Pradesh - AirTel
  • Idea Cellular
  • Chennai Skycell / Airtel
  • Chennai RPG Cellular
  • Delhi Airtel
  • Delhi Hutch
  • Gujarat Idea Cellular
  • Gujarat Airtel
  • Gujarat Celforce / Fascel
  • Goa Airtel
  • Goa BPL Mobile
  • Goa Idea Cellular
  • Haryana Airtel
  • Haryana Escotel
  • Himachal Pradesh Airtel
  • Karnataka Airtel
  • Kerala Airtel
  • Kerala Escotel
  • Kerala BPL Mobile
  • Kolkata Airtel
  • Madhya Pradesh Airtel
  • Maharashtra - Airtel
  • BPL Mobile
  • Idea Cellular
  • Mumbai Airtel
  • Mumbai BPL Mobile
  • Punjab Airtel
  • Pondicherry BPL Mobile
  • Tamil Nadu Airtel
  • Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile
  • Tamil Nadu Aircel
  • Uttar Pradesh W Escotel

  • Meteor
  • Meteor MMS

  • TIM
  • Vodafone

  • AU by KDDI
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • Vodafone - Chuugoku/W
  • Hokkaido
  • Hokuriko/Central North
  • Kansai/W, Osaka
  • Kanto/Koushin/E, Tokyo
  • Kyuushu/Okinaw
  • Shikoku
  • Touhoku/Niigata/N
  • Toukai/Central
  • Willcom
  • Willcom di
  • Willcom dj
  • Willcom dk

  • T-Mobile
  • Orange

  • M1

South Africa
  • Vodacom

  • Telefonica Movistar
  • Vodafone

  • Tele2

United Kingdom
  • 2#1
  • 2#2
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone


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