Status & Updates

SYSTEM DOWN for Maintenance

Posted 7/16/2011

Our system is currently down for maintenance, we will be back online in the coming days. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us regarding the issue.

Tech Support Update

Posted 4/8/2011

Our technical support team is now up to date with all current requests. Emails are being processed within 5 and 10 minutes of receipt.

Site Status Update

Posted 4/8/2011

Our system is now running at roughly 45% of full speed. We are very close to releasing a new faster environment for sending and receiving your data. This means that emails will be received and sent at much faster rates. The ultimate goal which we achieved during testing several months ago is under 1 minute. Currently most smart phones check for email every 15 minutes unless using push technology, so we would be far ahead of the curve in terms of speed of receipt. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more updates regarding our new changes and additions that were posted on 3/22/11 below.

Below are several concerns that have come to our attention that we would like to address.
  • Currently we have limited the number of emails you can receive at once to 5. The system will check again for more emails every several minutes. This will help avoid any large groupings of txts that you may have received previously. This fix will be disabled in several weeks when the new "reply for more txts" feature is released.
  • We have addressed issues with both AOL and Hotmail accounts. You no longer have to set "advanced" settings when signing up. Our system recognizes these email types and sets all of your settings for you. Several other carriers that are in the works for this feature are Roadrunner, Verizon, MSN, and Windstream.
  • We have increased the time delay for confirming your phone so that users do not timeout during this process.
Website Issues Update

Posted 4/7/2011

To our dear TxtJet Users,

Currently the site is running at about 10% of normal speed. We are currently fixing these issues that were created on 4/5/11 due to extremely high traffic volume. Essentially this has resulted in receiving your emails long after an email was sent, or perhaps receiving emails in groupings later in the day. We plan to be back up and running within the coming week with a new updated system that resolves all of these issues. All of your personal information remains safe and secure, only our speed of processing information was effected. If you are already currently receiving email by txt message, your service will remain uninterrupted.

Thank you for becoming a BETA tester at, we appreciate your help and support beyond words. We look forward to having you as a longstanding user of our service and will certainly post any updates here.

As we phase out of beta testing in the coming months, we foresee being the only service of our kind, with the largest, safest, and most reliable alternative mobile email solution on the market. Thank you again for your support in making this possible.

Best Regards,
TxtJet Support Team

Yahoo PLUS Required!

Posted 4/6/2011

It is official, for the time being Yahoo will only work with txtjet when using Yahoo PLUS. Yahoo has disabled POP3 and IMAP connectivty for all Yahoo acounts that do not subscribe to this $2 monthly package. This subsequently means that you can no longer use Yahoo email with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or any other offline email clients. If you currently use a phone or Outlook to receive your yahoo email, then TxtJet will work for you.

A Temporary Solution to The Problem may be to sign up for a gmail, aol, or hotmail account and forward your yahoo email to your new account.(video on how to forward). However, yahoo does not offer forwarding to all users, so you will have to try to see if this works for you. It has also been said that changing your time zone to asia will allow for forwarding functionality.

TxtJet on East Coast News

Posted 4/5/2011

NBC's, WKYC-Cleveland & WGRZ-Buffalo - special thanks to Matt Granite who is a very talented reporter and broadcaster at WKYC. It was a pleasure working with this organization. You can find the article and full story here.

New Website Additions

Posted 3/22/2011

We are extremely excited about all of the new additions coming to txtjet. Thank you to everyone that continues to suggest new features and changes. Below are some of our current top priorities which will take effect soon.

  • Dramatically increased speed of email receipt including server upgrades
  • By default all users will receive "1" txt per email, and will have the option to reply via text, "More" to receive the next set of txt messages in the batch. This functionality should really streamline any possibility of receiving too many txts.
  • Our next set of supported cities and countries, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Africa, and more.
  • Friendly method to allow for pausing of your txtjet service.

TxtJet on The Next Web

Posted 2/05/2011

TxtJet appears on the Homepage of The Next Web, article here.